Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recalling when it was

I never tire of spending time to recall when it was; that is, when I was able to see enough to enjoy my surroundings, the beauties of nature, and the faces of loved ones.  Sometimes, I find myself growing sad because I am unable to enjoy the bright and vivid colors, the sun playing over the fields, and the faces of my loved ones but you know what?  I snap out of it by delving into my memory bank and using it to get myself back on track.


The other day, I asked my family to describe to me what my nephew Marcus looks like now; my memories of him having been ones of him when he was just a little boy and expectedly, he has now changed into a teen.  So now my memories are out of date and I have to depend on their descriptions to try and construct new ones.  New descriptions to replace old memories but wait!  I need to keep the old memories as backups and work the new descriptions into new memories.


There are many memories that will never change for me; the beauties of nature, certain faces, and scenes of Christmas and Easter.  Memories of red roses, yellow flowers, and white carnations.  Blue skies with puffy white clouds, golden sunshine, white sand and white capped waves.  Deep blue sea and green ocean.  Wet green grass, silver raindrops, big fat white snowflakes, and candles flickering in a church.  Lit candles on a dining table and dishes loaded with food on a countertop.  The silver Air Canada jet gliding lazily over a blue Caribbean sea with a blaze of sunshine overhead and figure skaters on the ice rink in competition.  My loved ones around me and my favorite Canadiens hockey team rushing up the ice.


I really do not mind constructing new memories from descriptions, smells, taste, and from touch.  My memory bank will only continue to grow and I'll just have so much more to enjoy as I grow older. 


I'm Donna J. Jodhan your friendly accessibility advocate wishing you a terrific day and inviting you to go out there and share my memories with others.

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