Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blind Women and Blind Men

One of the most frequently questions that I get asked is this one; who has it easier when it comes to facing challenges as a Blind person?

A very challenging question and not an easy response in return.


As a Blind woman, I some times get the impression that my chances of success are a bit less than if I were a Blind man.  As a Blind woman, I have to deal with many who do not feel that Blind women can function either professionally or in the home.  Women on the whole still face many barriers in the workplace and when you add being blind to this then you have an even higher barrier to deal with. 


In addition, there are many sighted men who do not feel that a Blind woman can be an adequate partner for them; socially, as a wife/girlfriend, or otherwise.  I have found that it is sometimes easier for a Blind man to find female partners.  However, I have been told by some of my Blind male friends that they too have their own set of challenges to face. 


In many cases, society views both a Blind man and a Blind woman in the same way but in other cases; they somehow seem to view Blind women as not being really up to par when it comes to such things as being able to function adequately in the home both as a mom and/or wife.  Then if you add the cultural variables, many cultures take a very poor view of Blind women because to start with, they do not favor women in a very good light. 


I suppose that Blind men have to face challenges such as:  Feeling adequate to look after a family, dealing with the social and dating environments, plus more.  It is the best that I can do to answer these questions for now.


I'm Donna J. Jodhan your friendly accessibility advocate wishing you a terrific day and encouraging you to go out there and ask questions on this topic. 

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