Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A different experience: Communicating at the Apple store

A few months ago I had a very interesting experience at the Apple Store. For the most part, I am always very satisfied with the communication that I encounter there but this was a bit different and also a bit amusing for me.

Upon entering, the very friendly customer service rep escorted me to a spot towards the back of the store and I did not have long to wait. When the Genius Bar person came over to work with me, my friend told me that she was
hard of hearing. My first impression was mixed.

For whereas I felt that it was great to have a hard of hearing Genius Bar person working for Apple, I did not think that this would work because how would I be able to communicate with her when I could not see her gestures?

It would be very difficult for us to communicate; a person who was hard of hearing and a vision-impaired person?  The Apple supervisor realized immediately. I was very sorry about the situation but all ended well.

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