Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Another interesting experience: Navigating Mom's bathroom scale

I guess that every scale is a bit different when it comes to being able to navigate it in order to know exactly where to place one's feet when preparing to get weighed. For me, I have a talking scale which I find to be just the right size.

There is a bar at the top of the scale that is in the middle of it. I place one foot on each side of the bar and wait seconds to hear the results. I can hear the results in either pounds or kilos.

In the case of Mom's scale, I need to depend on Mom or sighted assistance to get my results. True it is that her scale is quite a bit smaller and there is also a small bar in the middle of the scale at the top of it, but the trick is to place my feet in the correct position or else my weight will not be accurate.

Then Mom also needs to ensure that the scale is on and working before I get onto it. She needs to ensure that the batteries are functioning before we start our weighing session.

Just another scale to learn about.

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