Thursday, November 7, 2019

A cherished childhood memory: Remembering Stephen in his stroller

He was six years my junior but my aunt trusted me enough to drive him around in his stroller. For not only was I that age but I was also vision impaired and she never seemed to mind me taking him for little rides up and down our hallways.

There he was in his stroller! Very quiet and minding his own little business, so to speak. Sometimes he would be asleep but sometimes he would be drinking his bottle or even humming to himself. He never gave me any trouble and I was always so careful to make sure not to bump into things.

I had two paths to choose from. The first took me from our kitchen, into my parents room, around the bed and out again and then up the hallway to the door of the living room and back to where I started in the kitchen.

The other path would be one where I would travel up the long hallway going past the laundry room, the bathrooms, and rounding the corner past the little area that held the ironing board, clothes baskets, and couch.  Then through one of our larger bedrooms and through the doors to another hallway where there were three more bedrooms.

I stayed clear of going into the bedrooms, choosing instead to drive Stephen in his stroller down the very long hallway. I will say that this was indeed my favourite path. Then back on the return journey to the kitchen.

I don't really know which of the two paths was Stephen's favourite but nevertheless, he enjoyed it all and so did I!

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