Thursday, October 10, 2019

A pleasant surprise: The Swiss Chalet driver

I must say that I never really paid attention to the driver who delivers our orders from the Swiss Chalet restaurant, but a few months ago he sure caught and held my attention.

You see, I placed an order and when my buzzer sounded I went to the door, opened it, and stood there waiting for him. I heard the elevator door open and then I heard him approaching.

He called a greeting to me when he was about 10 feet away but here is where my attention was caught and held.

The good driver took my hand, placed my bag of food in it, and then softly told me how much my bill was. I knew the total before he arrived as the order taker on the phone had told me what it was when I ordered my food, so I knew that the driver was telling me accurately.

I smiled at him when he told me and for his good deed and affinity for good communication with me as a vision-impaired customer, I gave him a tip.  He chuckled, mumbled a thank you and then he was gone.

I thanked God that day for this driver’s excellent services.

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