Thursday, October 31, 2019

Another challenge conquered: Changing the batteries on Mom's chiming clock

I have to say that I have gotten much better at this task but I still need to take very good care when doing it.

First, I gently remove the old batteries. Next, I insert the new batteries. Then it is time to set the time.

I make sure that I know the time before I start to set the time. There are 3 buttons at the back of the clock, or rather inside the back of the clock. One is to set the hour and so I concentrate deeply on this task. Each push of this button signifies the advancing of the hour re the coordinating of chime to time.

Next it is time to coordinate the chimes to when the clock will chime each quarter of the hour. The trick here for both steps is to know what time is showing on the clock and then to work from there.

I may not be explaining this clearly but I hope you get an idea of what it is like for someone without very much vision to set the time on a digital chiming clock.

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