Thursday, October 25, 2018

An amazing experience: Gabriella and her picture taking

I am always so very happy whenever someone can take pictures with their iPhone and then send them to me.  There is a procedure for this entire process.

First, Gabriella and I decide what she is going to take.
Next, Gabriella takes the pictures with her iPhone.
Next, she looks at it to see if it has come out fine.
Then she sends it to my email address.
Finally, I detach and store the picture and then send it along to friends and family.

Now that I no longer have enough vision to see what she has taken, I need to depend on others to describe things for me. But my active imagination is always eagerly waiting to hear.

Gabriella has also found another purpose for her picture taking and this is that whenever she wants me to read a business card or something that has come in the mail, she takes a picture with her iPhone and then emails it to me.

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