Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It's no fun! Traveling alone

This is probably one of the most challenging things for me these days. With the world of travel changing all of the time, it only becomes more difficult for me as someone with a vision impairment.

It does not really matter how helpful agents are. It is the anxiety of hoping that no matter what, I will encounter helpful and friendly agents along the way.

It does not matter how much notice I give to airlines beforehand or to ground assistance companies before I travel, the anxiety for me is always there.

It all starts before I get to the airport and it does not end until I am safely in the car of family or friends.  From the curb to the check in counter, and from check in at security to the gate, everything for me is oh so stressful.

Then, aboard the aircraft to touch down and then to customs and immigration, it is the same.  Then to locate the luggage.  Then, on the return journey, it is no different!

Traveling across Canada may be a bit less stressful because when I travel internationally I cannot determine beforehand what I am going to encounter. Just another challenge for me to face each time I travel.

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