Friday, January 26, 2018

Such sobering memories: Remembering the lagoons

Each lagoon was an individually very special one to me.  Each had its own very special memory because each had something that was different from the other.  Many would say that all lagoons are the same but it was not so for me.

There was the one in Toco, a huge one with water that was always flowing so silently and oh so easily.  We used to build boats out of palm leaves and then float them down the current of the lagoon.  We used to splash around and our dog, Yella, used to join us, barking so happily as she played with us.

I remember that there were fishes living in the lagoon and my brothers would go fishing, often catching a fish or two.  Sometimes we would see crabs running around at the mouth of the lagoon and then we would take time to watch the lagoon empty its water right into the sea.  This lagoon was surrounded by trees that bore luscious sea grapes and almonds.

Then there was the small lagoon in Mayaro.  One that had a bridge across it where I would often sit and listen to my radio and enjoy the fresh sea air. My cousins and brothers would go fishing in it and sometimes have palm leaf boat races but the water was not deep enough for swimming.  Yet the crabs seemed to enjoy playing in it.  This lagoon was right outside of our beach house.  This little lagoon was more open and not many trees surrounded it.

Finally, there was the larger lagoon which was about a quarter mile up the beach from us.  This one was deeper than the other one and there were many fishes in it.  I loved this one because of its peaceful ambiance.  It did not seem to empty its waters into the sea but somehow its waters did flow somewhere.  Coconut trees surrounded it thus making it a very private little getaway.

Those were my lagoons and memories of them shall forever be in my memory bank.

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