Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cherished Christmas memories: Remembering the Weall and Cullen barn

Such wonderful memories for me and especially so at Christmas time when this landmark building would be lit up with all kinds of Christmas lights!  They lit up the building outdoors and I could see it as we approached.

Then, when we entered, there it was!  A fairyland of figures, decorations, lights, churches, nativity scenes, and boundless creations to satisfy anyone's imagination!

For me, my imagination simply came alive and for those very few special magical moments I allowed myself to drift into dreamland where I would become a kid once more and dream to my heart's content.  Oh, how I enjoyed these visits and for the most part I would simply ignore everything around me and enter my little world where I did whatever I wanted.

Those were special days but not so long ago.  This wonderful historical landmark is now no longer around but still I keep on dreaming. Memories forever.

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