Thursday, February 1, 2018

Forever in my memory: Remembering the doll house

Oh, my special little doll house!  The one that I improvised just for me.  The one with three little rooms and a front yard.  It was the one made up of a board that stretched over 2 small wooden cartoons.  Thus we had a center room and two outer rooms.  Or so I imagined it to be.

I used the rooftop as my kitchen and there I had set up all of my dishes, appliances, and everything else.  Then, venturing down to the rooms and the center room where my dolls slept.  The two outer rooms were for laundry and then the bathroom.

The front yard was big and there my dolls played and had lots of fun!

I spent countless hours playing by myself and during this time my dolls came to life and played with each other.  I entered into my own little world where I could make everything possible; to imagine, create, and dream a little.

Oh, yes!  That was my doll house!  A treasured memory forever.  It did not matter that I could not really see the faces of my treasured dolls!  They were in my imagination and there they shall remain forever and a day!

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