Friday, October 21, 2016

Very frustrating: It's census time

Yes, indeed!  This is what it was a few months ago and as I got ready to do my civic duty to complete my census form I could not help but be apprehensive and hesitant. My gut feelings were, indeed, bang on the money.

Nothing had really changed for me.  I had to enlist the assistance of friends to help me locate the number to call if I needed help.  The forms appeared in my mailbox in print format and if I wanted to do my duty then I had to ask someone to read me the code contained in said form.

So I took the route of calling the number which I will say was displayed on TV screens across the country, but alas!  There was no audio version of the number to call.  In short, someone had to read the number on the TV screen to me.

I won't go on and on here but suffice it to say that at the end of it all, my privacy and confidentiality were once again trampled upon as I had to depend on an agent on the phone to help me complete my census form.

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