Thursday, October 20, 2016

Not very pleasant: Taking a blood test

At the best of times and like so many other people, taking a blood test is really no fun and for me I would really rather be doing something else.

It is one thing to have a technician struggling to take blood from you but it is quite another when said technician spends more than a few minutes struggling to do so.  Then, when they try to do this at least three times and can't seem to find a suitable vein, I begin to get really worried.

The technician does her best to reassure me but not being able to see only causes my imagination to start running rampant and then it all culminates in her having to call her supervisor to do the job.

I guess that what I am trying to say is this!  When you are unable to see what is going on, you start to wonder and imagine.  You conjure up images of the poor old technician with a huge needle in her hand poking around in your arm for a vein.  Then, when it hurts each time she makes an attempt, it only makes things that more dubious.

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