Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Great memories: Summer shopping with Mom

2016 was the first time in four years since I was able to go summer shopping with Mom and boy oh boy, what a great time we had.

We visited our favorite stores and she took such delight in helping me to choose clothes and shoes.  She would describe stuff to me and then tell me which colors were available and then I would tell her which ones I was interested in.

She would let me touch and examine the clothes and shoes and I would tell her which styles interested me and then we would go off to the changing rooms to try on our choices.  Our arms would be loaded with all kinds of stuff.

I would end up choosing most of what mom had brought to my attention and then we would go off to the desk to pay.  I truly enjoyed these wonderful shopping days and I know that nothing could ever replace these cherished experiences.

After a morning of shopping we would end up at one of our favorite restaurants to dine leisurely and then it would be off to the supermarket to do our shopping.

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