Thursday, February 25, 2016

When the cab driver did not know

This is always one of my greatest fears!  Whenever I find myself in a situation with a cab driver who does not know where to drop me off despite my giving him directions and then he sits there unwilling to try and find out.

It has not happened very often but it will surely be a nightmare if it were to occur on an occasion when I would be on my own.

It did happen in the summer of 2015 and on this occasion my mom was with me. The stubborn cab driver refused to seek help from his dispatcher and instead he sat there telling us that we had to find our own way.

I was upset and very unhappy and reported him to his cab company.  Mom and I did manage to find our way but just think if I were alone on this occasion! What would I have done?  Most likely I would have told him to take me back home!

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