Thursday, February 11, 2016

My parents and I in a carnival band

This memory is still so very clear in my mind.  It is as if it only happened but yesterday, and after all of these years the memory appears like magic in my mind whenever I recall it.

I was probably about no more than six years at the time and Mom and Dad had taken me into a carnival band on a warm February evening to join other revelers.  Dad had me in his arms and Mom was walking beside us.  Dad was chatting with others around him and Mom was laughing with my brothers and aunt who were also in the band with us.

The air was pungent with the fragrances of baby powder and other types of perfume.  There was no breeze or hardly any and the revelers were loud but very merry.  One minute I was in Dad's arms and the next he had handed me over to another man who held me very tightly in his arms and began dancing with me.

For some reason I was not afraid because I knew that Dad was very close by and Mom was within hailing distance.  The stranger was very kind to me.  He asked me my name and then asked if I was enjoying myself.  Then he gently placed me on the road beside my parents, gave me a huge hug, and was off on his way.

I went home that night a very happy little girl, and why?  Because I got dance in the air without having touched the ground!

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