Thursday, July 4, 2013

Those candy bowls

How well I remember those very colorful candy bowls. I simply used to love to stand and watch the multiple colors of candy in my bowl when I had enough sight to do so. I would cram my candy bowls full of multicolored candies of all shapes and sizes and then place the bowl carefully on my credenza.

Whenever I remembered and had a moment, I would walk over to where my candy bowl was sitting and then I would proceed to stand there and simply get lost in time. You may think that this was a bit strange for me but there you have it. As I may have mentioned in previous blogs, color was my world when I had enough sight to appreciate it.

I still enjoy color but now in a different way. By remembering and imagining. By bringing back old and dusty memories of the world of color for me, and why not? My candy bowl was just one important part of it all.

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