Friday, July 5, 2013

When I discovered the star fish

I was just a kid then and on a very sunny day with the breeze blowing through my hair and rolling down my cheeks, and the sun so warm and the sea water so fragrant, my dad placed a little star fish into the palm of my hand and then he told me all about star fishes.

He patiently described the little sea creature to me and allowed me to play with it. I was so curious about the little star fish. I touched him very gingerly and then I accidentally broke one of its little legs. I remembered feeling so bad. I could not really make out what he looked like but both my parents described him to me in great detail.

Then I wanted to take him home but my mom said that I could not because we had to send him home to his own mom. I was heart broken but somehow understood. I kept that memory with me for as long as I could and today, it is still very fresh in my mind. Just the memory of him lying in my little hand and me touching him and listening to my parents tell me all about star fishes is enough for me to smile and remember.

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