Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why I touch light switches

There used to be a time when I could see lights; I used light switches to their fullest but now that I am unable to see lights, I have to be more careful with my light switches. I still turn them on; I am not sure why but despite not being able to see them I get a sense of security whenever I perceive them to be on.

The trick comes at night when I have to go around checking all of my light switches to ensure that they are in the off position. Now and then, I have left on a light and only found out when I went to turn it on or off later on and realized my mistake. Or someone with sight came to visit me and told me that my light was on.

Another situation arises when I discover that a bulb has blown. This circumstance is a bit more difficult for me to detect but it is a part of my life’s challenge. In short, light switches are an important part of my life. No I am not able to see lights, but yes they sure help me to feel comfortable and I really do not mind checking them every night.

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