Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not because we are blind

In the normal scheme of things, there are many who feel that being blind prevents us from doing many things. Truth be told, there are some things that our lack of sight prevents us from doing, but on the other hand there are many things that we can do. The big difference is this: Whereas the sighted person almost always uses their eyes to do something, we as blind persons use our other senses to compensate.

There are many sighted persons who have difficulty comprehending that we can surf the Internet. We can do it and we do it with the help of software that is generally referred to as access technology. Screen readers, screen magnifiers, and Braille displays are just some of the more popular pieces of access technology. We can use iPhones, iPods, and iPads as well! Thanks to Apple, special software has been installed in these devices to make them usable by blind persons.

There are other gadgets and devices that make it possible for us to do things despite being blind. The Icon; one of the best PDA devices on the market for blind persons. The Victor Stream; which we can use to listen to music and read digital books. Various talking devices that make it possible for us to be masters of our kitchen. Various scanning software that we can use to help us scan documents.

So you see, because we are blind does not mean that we are unable to function independently. We will always need help to execute certain functions but the world for us is slowly improving. May it continue in this way.

I am going to give you a few websites to check out so that you can learn more. Here goes:,,,

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