Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When things are out of place

I am normally a very organized person. Everything has its place in my home. Every room is well organized but this does not mean that I am a neat Freak so to speak. I do allow for slippage from time to time but Heaven help me when things somehow manage to go out of place. When something is out of place, I become confused and frustrated because I need to trace its whereabouts and then proceed to put it back into its proper place.

I have mental pictures of how things are placed, where they are in relation to other things and how they look. When I had enough vision to see things, it was practically the same, but now that I do not have very much sight, it is even more important for me to keep things in place at all times.

My dear mom is so good at letting me know when she moves things around. She tells me and then takes the time to show me. Of course, I do not expect everyone to be like her; it would be absolutely foolish of me to expect this but on the whole, my family and friends are pretty good about this.

I depend on mental pictures to help me find things. Everything is pictured in my mind and it sure helps.

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