Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Remembering the headlines

It's part of what I do in order to keep my memory alive and kicking.  Part of what I do in order to retain my visual memory.  I sit and remember some of the more important headlines that I was able to see when I had enough sight.  They are not all happy ones, but ones that stand out in my mind.  It's my way of remembering letters on a page.


1979:  From the Montreal Star – Habs win fourth Stanley Cup!

1981: From the Montreal Gazette – Trudeau returned to power in sweeping majority!

1996:  From the Toronto Star – Dianna dead!

1999:  From the Toronto Star – JFK Kennedy JR lost at sea!


You may think that I may be a bit morbid for thinking of some of these but it's my way of trying to keep visualizing the letters on a page.  Of course there is much more that I remember but these are just a few.


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