Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Describing pictures

There was a time when I had enough vision to describe pictures to some of my friends who could not see.  Today, I am the recipient of those with sight describing pictures to me and o how much I love it when pictures are described to me.  


I can allow my memory to venture backwards and forwards.  Sideways and up and down.  I can allow my imagination to create vivid images, colors, and memories of days gone by.  Ah, pictures!  What's going on around me!  Pictures of what persons look like, what they are doing, and of course all of nature's wonders!  I am blessed with family and friends who love to describe pictures to me.  From an album, on the TV screen, on the Internet, and simple pictures of what is going on in the mall, in the store, on the beach, and on the street. 


Describing pictures; it's what keeps me going!  A new world for me; describing pictures to me by others!


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