Thursday, October 7, 2010

In the washroom without sight

This is one of the more interesting challenges for me; being able to navigate the washroom at a mall or in a restaurant or for that matter, in an unfamiliar place.  In many cases, the layout of a washroom is almost always the same; I just need to know where the wash basins are, the location of the stalls, and the hand towels, drying machines, and the soap. 


So what are some of the common challenges for me?  To locate and determine the type of soap dispenser.  To locate the hand towels and the garbage disposal.  To determine the interior and size of the stall.  Once I get the hang of these things then I'm fine.  My cane does the talking and walking for me.


As I mentioned above, the layout of a washroom is generally common in most cases; it's a matter of finding what I need. 


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