Wednesday, November 18, 2020

She has certainly made an impression! My orchid the star

She came to live with me in mid June and she has quickly established herself as a bright star in my home. The moment that Stephanie introduced her to me, I knew that she would be mine!

After taking but a few seconds to inspect her and after Stephanie described her to me, I knew that she had to go home with me and so she did!

Sandra and Stephanie have taken several photos of her and I have sent them to Gayle so that she could show them to Mom so that she could see her, my star.

My orchid is a star! She is tall, slender, and of a deep purple colour. Even Nick likes her, saying how wonderful she is.

She has been blooming ever since she arrived! What a lovely orchid she is! Does not matter that I am unable to see her! It's enough for me to just touch her! That's my orchid!

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