Monday, November 9, 2020

Give the gift of accessibility to disabled children and their families

A soulful moment. Forehead to forehead, a mother and her beloved son with a disability at a rehabilitation center.

The world today is not what it was yesterday and it will not be the same tomorrow. We are presently living in very challenging and troubled times but rest assured, with our high propensity to create, innovate, and overcome, we will get through this together!

Author Donna Jodhan is committed to doing her part to ensure that persons with disabilities, especially our kids with disabilities, are not left out and that they are given every opportunity to be a part of our growing virtual world.

Author Donna invites you to support one of her many ongoing initiatives by making a small donation today. To say thank you, all supporters are granted unlimited access to all 3 of Author Donna’s Subscription Libraries. These include her Audio Mystery Library, her Recipe Library and her Home & Garden Library. Review them today at:

All donations, including anonymous donations, are also acknowledged on both the Author Donna Jodhan Supporters Page and the Author Donna Jodhan Donor Wall for the duration of their support.

Please consider giving the gift of accessibility to disabled children and their families today. Your support makes the difference in keeping our children connected, healthy and part of our community.  Visit

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