Friday, November 10, 2017

My perspective: Buses and buses

There are buses and then there are buses and for someone who is vision-impaired, I need to keep this in mind whenever I travel.

The city buses are usually a bit narrow with front and back doors for entering and exiting.  The seats in my city are comfortable enough but there are some that face forward, others that face backward, single seats, bench seats, and then double seats.  Then there are the poles for you to hang on to on those crowded days.  Winter travel on these buses is made comfortable and bearable with adequate heating but in the summer the windows need to be opened to let in the fresh air.  There is no air conditioning.

Then there are those buses that travel between cities: from city to city or even province to province.  These are the more comfortable ones because of the length of their trips.  They are equipped with bathrooms at the back of the bus and very comfortable seats.  In the winter they are well heated and during the summer they are adequately air conditioned.  No worries about not being able to find a seat.

These buses are clean, comfortable, and well maintained, just like the city buses.  What is the difference between the two types of buses. you may be asking?

You never have to fight for a seat on the buses that take you from city to city or from province to province.

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