Thursday, November 2, 2017

A wonderful friend forever: Happy times with Helena

Shopping is not just the only memory that I have with my dear friend, Helena.  No, not in any way, and if I had to recount them all it would probably take me years to do so.

You see, Helena and I became friends when I moved to Toronto from Montreal so many years ago and although we do not see each other much anymore, she is always uppermost in my mind.  I know that she will always be close by if ever I need to reach out.

We had happy times at restaurants, enjoying sumptuous meals.  I spent so many wonderful days at her house, swimming in her pool, sitting in her hot tub, and enjoying the hospitality of her family: her husband Wil, and kids, Nick and Tobi.

I still remember the day when friends at her poolside party dared me to jump from the top of the deck into her pool and there was Wil beside me, at the top, and Helena waiting for me in the pool.  What an experience!

Then there was the day when Nick took me for a ride on his motorcycle and Helena and Wil were standing there waiting for me after I had gotten off the motorcycle.

Then the day that we went shopping and one of us squeezed the bottle of body lotion a bit too vigorously and it burst and there was lotion all over us both!  It was Christmas time and we had to go home on the crowded subway smelling sweetly of body lotion.

So many wonderful days with Helena Nielsen and her family for me to remember and cherish forever.  A rare and wonderful lady with a warm and loving family!

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