Friday, November 4, 2016

My insight: Doing the cheques with Mom

We now have this down to a simple but very effective strategy.  Whenever I need to have my cheques made out, and if Mom is around, she and I work as a well-oiled team to get things done.  This is how we do it.

I go to my computer and type out my info in either a word or text document.  Name of person to whom the cheque is to be made out, date, and amount in dollars (figures and words).

Next I print this out and then I go to Mom who is patiently waiting to do her part.  She sits down at our kitchen table and writes out the cheque, and voila!  It is done and all I need to do now is to sign it.

I give her my signature guide and she gently places it on the line and hands me her pen.  I sign my name and it is all over.  The cheque has been made out.

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