Thursday, November 3, 2016

An interesting experience: Shredding documents with Mom

One of the necessary annual tasks for me is to shred old income tax documents and in 2016 I was sure glad to have Mom on hand to help out.

On a quiet Saturday evening in early June, we both sat on our dining room carpet and painstakingly and methodically shredded a ton of old income tax documents.

We lined up the documents; Mom passed them to me and I put them through the shredder.  Each time the container became full, Mom took it and emptied it into a rapidly-filling garbage bag and as she did so she had to keep picking up the pieces of shredded paper from the carpet.

It was slow, tedious, and quite a chore, but after an hour or so our work was finally done.

The carpet was clean and void of bits of paper; the garbage bag was filled to the brim but securely tied, and all ended well.  Nothing for me to be concerned about when it came to not having bits of stray paper floating around my condo.  This is what a pair of eyes does for me.

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