Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cherished memories: Spring shopping with Mom

The last time Mom and I went spring shopping was in 2012.  In the normal scheme of things we are usually not together at this time of the year, but due to some surgery that I had to have in mid April she was here with me and we made the most of it.

Before we set out I told Mom what I was wishing for, my wish list so to speak, and as always she was very quick to oblige.  Before I knew it, my wish list was a reality but with more than I had asked for.

We went to our favorite stores and had so much fun buying what I had wished for.  Mom really enjoyed describing stuff to me and I had so much fun imagining the colors around me.  Shopping for sandals was also quite a pleasure, trying on and choosing what I wanted.

Ah, yes!  Spring shopping with Mom, another cherished page for my memory bank.

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