Thursday, July 14, 2016

One of my dearest passions: Recruiting kid advocates

Who better than kids to be our messengers?  Who better than them to spread the messages as we have told them to?  Who better than kids to be our advocates?

In March 2016 I spoke to a group of kid advocates at the CNIB and I can tell you that it was indeed one of the best experiences that I have had in such a long time.

Their questions were sharp and on the money.  They listened, reacted, and proacted.  They interacted and were filled with ideas.  They were definitely thinking outside the box.

It sure reminded me of another group of kids whose grade school I visited in 2010, the Grove Community School in Toronto, and like that visit when I walked out of this session I looked up at the sky and wondered whether our next Prime Minister could come from among one of this group.

I'm Donna J. Jodhan, your friendly accessibility advocate, wishing you a terrific day.

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