Thursday, July 7, 2016

A fond memory: Remembering Chris's tea stains

Those were the days when I had such good, functional vision.  When I had enough sight to be able to see stains and spills on counter tops.  When I could just simply use a cloth or paper towel to clean them up and it was always so much fun and fulfilling for me when I could clean up Chris's tea stains.

At that time I lived in Montreal and I would often go over to visit Chris and have a wonderful cup of tea with her. Along with the good company I would sample her delightful baking. 

Chris was a terrific hostess.  She cooked and baked so very well.  She moved around in her kitchen with little effort and I always admired how she could do it all so well without any incident.  She was almost totally blind but it did not stop her from being a wonderful culinary master.

I used to enjoy cleaning up her tea stains.  There they were, just sitting boldly there on her counter, waiting for me to wipe them away.  Chris would always be amused at how I would attack her tea stains and we would both laugh after I had finished getting rid of them.

Wonderful memories for me to keep forever.

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