Friday, March 4, 2016

Using light switches to help me remember

As things stand, I am no longer able to see the lights in my condo but for some odd reason I still turn them on and off.  Not sure why but I can only say that it somehow helps me to remember.

So I turn them on whenever I enter a room and then I turn them off whenever I leave the room.

Every now and then I forget to turn them off and then I remember some time later.  This has certainly led to some very funny incidents.

For example:  When I turned on the lights in my office to help my friend Imran see what was going on with my computer screens only for him to tell me that the lights were not working.  I never knew that the bulbs had blown.

Or when I do not know that the lights are already on and I go to turn them on.

It is all very entertaining to me and just another facet in my life.

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