Thursday, March 10, 2016

Printing and faxing

I guess that there is still much of society that is very unaware that as blind persons we are unable to fax and print.

When it comes to these two tasks I will say that it is practically impossible.  Sure, we could route a file to our regular printer to be printed but then comes the challenge.  We have no way of knowing whether or not the file or document has printed properly, whether or not the print on the page is readable enough, and whether or not it is formatted in the right way.

We could, of course, put it through a scanner but then again we would never be sure.

In the case of faxing, we need to ensure that when we fax something that the pages to be faxed are placed in the correct way so that the print is faxed and not blank pages.  In addition, that after the fax machine has done its thing, that we are able to know that the fax has gone through.  There is
nothing worse than not knowing what is being displayed on the screen of a fax machine.

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