Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Remembering the lagoon

There are childhood memories and then there are childhood memories and I have to admit that memories of that lovely little lagoon near our beach house falls into the must-remember category. For it was not just a lovely little lagoon, it was the best lagoon that I have ever known!

This little gem was located practically within feet of our side door. It was small, yes! Its waters flowed and ebbed oh so gently and there was a bridge for us to sit on and either fish or simply relax. I could barely see its quiet waters but on a bright day I could see the sun dancing on its surface. This was enough for me and my imagination did the rest.

My brothers and cousins often told me that small fishes lived in my favorite little lagoon, along with crabs and frogs, but this did not matter to me. I still loved my little lagoon and whenever I could I would go with others to the bridge and there I would sit and inhale the fresh air of the nearby ocean. Many times I would walk into the mouth of the lagoon and there I would stand and bury my toes in the cool sand and allow the cool water to lap over my feet.

My brothers used to build boats out of large coconut tree leaves and they would have boat races. Everyone would go fishing and I would simply just sit there and take it all in, spinning stories in my mind of crabs and fishes going on all kinds of adventures.

Ah yes! Memories of that special lovely little lagoon imprinted in my memory bank forever.

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