Thursday, March 12, 2015

I know when she is praying

You would think that by now after all of my years on this Earth, I would know when it is time for me to be quiet. That is, whenever my mom is praying I need to tone things down so that she can have her private moments. When I had vision it was quite easy. I would walk into her room and I would immediately see her sitting quietly with her Rosary and her Prayer book and the flickering candle close by.

Now that my vision is gone I have another way to know. First off, Mom usually says her prayers first thing in the morning or sometimes she would do it in mid afternoon or last thing at night. So I have specific times to be careful at. However there is something else.

Whenever I smell the fragrance of the candle I know that it is time for me to be quiet. I turn down the volume on the TV and then I tip toe around so as to make as little noise as I can. Does all of this work? You bet!

I'm Donna J. Jodhan your friendly accessibility advocate wishing you a terrific day.

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"Each time we raise our voice at someone else we are engaging in bullying! Each time we raise our hands to slap or punch someone else we are also engaging in bullying and each time we engage in actions to either manipulate or force someone else to do what we want we are also engaging in bullying!

There is no room in this world for bullying and each day we fail to take action against bullying it is another day that we allow others to bully us and our kids. Our heroes and role models are the ones who have made us proud; those brave young men and women who gave their lives for us in past wars and those who continue to do so. They are not the ones who choose to be racists and those who believe that their bad behaviour in public is acceptable.

I write and record audio mysteries that are being used at such events as murder mystery evenings as well as at public awareness and team building events. I promote understanding, tolerance, and problem solving and my audio mysteries continue to be broadcasted around the world and you can listen to them anywhere! On the plane or train! In the car or right there in your home! On your i device or computer!

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