Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Martha's masterpiece

I have to admit that I was truly touched when a few months ago my niece, Martha, presented me with a drawing. This was no ordinary drawing; it was not just a drawing that she had decided to do for me at the whim of a fancy. No, it was much more than this and as I carefully placed it on my shelf after she had left us on that very cold fall day in mid November 2014, I stood for one moment in time thanking God that she was my niece and soon the tears came rolling down my cheeks.

You see, Martha had taken the time to draw and paint something very special for me and she ensured that I knew exactly what it was. For not only was it a drawing and a painting, it was done in a manner that I could feel exactly what it was. And, she had signed it in Braille! A painting of vines and my beloved Scottie standing on his purple perch!

Martha knows how very special my bird Scottie was to me and when she was but nine years old she had drawn him sitting on his perch. A beautiful orange canary sitting tall and proud and at that time I had enough vision to appreciate her work of art. However, when I told her that I had lost this precious picture, this beautiful young lady went to work in secret to replace it!

I could feel the vines, the perch, and yes! My beautiful Scottie! Magic under my fingers and perfect to the touch!

Thank you, Martha, for having helped to light up my life! You are a very special person and always will be to me!

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