Thursday, June 12, 2014

Down an escalator with Mom

Now that my vision is almost nothing, it is always a wee challenge for me each time I venture down an escalator with Mom or, for that matter, with anyone else. I could find reasons or excuses for this but truth be told, I can't seem to find any or to come up with any at the moment.

Could I blame it on lack of vision? Or could I possibly blame it on fear of falling? Or rather still, could I blame it on a possible fear of the unknown? Maybe someone reading this particular blog could offer me some suggestions?

I have never really fallen on an escalator, so why am I afraid? I usually take all of the necessary steps before getting on an escalator and I am indeed very careful, so why then? I hold tightly to the banister of the escalator and I stick my cane on the step below where I am standing in order to gauge when the last step is coming up, so why then? I usually trust the person that I am with, Mom or anyone else, so why then?

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