Thursday, June 19, 2014

Birds and butterflies

They are the joys of my life, and now that I am no longer able to see them, I use my memories of them to keep on enjoying.

There were the days when I used to admire their gorgeous colors. Their gracefulness and their agility. Their friendliness and their silent companionship.

I can still hear my birds each morning as they sing to me from my balcony, but alas! It is not the same for my butterflies. They won't come near me when I am indoors and even when I walk outside, they are almost never around. I have to make a conscious effort to travel to where they congregate. That's okay though, I still have my memories of them to keep me going.

Those cherished days as a kid when my dad used to lay them gently in my tiny hand and I would stand as still as I could and look down at them. They were so delicate and so beautiful. Then there were my birds! I loved them when they were free and I loved them when they were mine.

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