Thursday, May 19, 2011

When the brain rewires

What am I talking about today? It all has to do with what happens when there is a change in one’s vision and I can speak personally to this. I have had several instances in my life: when I gained a tremendous amount of vision after my first cornea transplant, when I lost some vision and then regained it, and when I lost most of it which is now.

The brain does have a way of rewiring in order to adjust and readjust to one’s condition. Before I gained my vision, all of my senses played a part in my every day life. Smell and hearing lead the way followed very closely by taste and touch. Vision of course brought up the rear, but all of my senses seemed to work closely together.

When I gained a lot of vision so many years ago, the brain made adjustments for me to recognize and retain images of landmarks. It enabled me to identify things much more quickly and concisely and it allowed my sense of vision to lead the way in my everyday life. The other senses played very important supporting roles.

Now it’s back to square one; I have very little vision now and the brain has once more rewired to allow my senses to work in tandem. Vision has taken a back seat to smell and hearing with taste and touch squeezed together in the middle. It’s like a team of five and I makes six.

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