Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Techniques of banking

I can only speak for myself when it comes to how I do my banking and I encourage you to talk to other blind persons to see how they do it. The first thing for me as a blind person is to ensure that at all times, my confidentiality and privacy are protected.

So, I pay my bills using the phone system of my banking institution. I also check my account balances and transfer funds if I need to. It is a great phone system and affords me total privacy. If I run into any difficulty then I can get immediate help from a customer service rep on the phone and I have never had any difficulty with this service.

If I need to have any banking forms completed, then I go to my bank branch and they are always ready and willing to help me. For everything else, I go to them as well. The trick of the trade for me is to retain and maintain my confidentiality and privacy. I do not engage in any sort of online banking because I am not comfortable. Nor do I do any online purchasing because of not being comfortable entering my credit card information.

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