Thursday, February 11, 2021

A hidden talent revealed: Sandra's picture taking

Thank God for my new-found photographer, my good neighbour and very willing picture taker.

Sandra is always willing to take pictures for me so that I can print them and then put them in Mom's monthly FedEx box.  These are the pictures that keep her in touch with me while we wait for Covid to recede. It is the best way to reassure her that I am well. Thank goodness for FedEx.

Sandra takes pictures of me doing various things and over the holidays she took several photos of my Christmas decorations.

Sandra takes her time when taking pictures. She is so very patient and so very precise.  She just seems to have a natural ability and talent for all of this. She makes sure that I am looking at her when she takes each picture. For a vision-impaired person it is so very vital that we know where to look.

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