Thursday, January 10, 2019

Unforgotten memories: Remembering the childhood stories

I like to say that as a child I was extremely lucky because my childhood stories came in so many different forms and I had three great story tellers around me.

First, there was Dad with his vivid imagination.  He told me stories about fairies, princesses and princes. Queens and kings, and tigers and lions in the forests.  Then he would read historical stories to me from his vast library of history.

Then came Granny and she made up folk tales for me and stories about our dogs doing all kinds of things like going to market, causing havoc at the airports, and more.

Then there was Mom who made up stories about other types of things and then she would let me listen to children's stories on vinyl. 

So there it was: a plethora of stories from my family.  And it is probably what has helped me to become an author!

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