Friday, December 7, 2018

That's my king! Rico's photo

Finally and simply, finally!  And a huge thanks to Carl for having captured the happy little boy!  Now I am able to share his image with my friends!

Carl took two photos of him sitting in the middle of the yard.  Sue loved the colours of his tail and Debra called him a handsome king!  Mom was pleased with how they turned out.

Though I cannot see what he looks like, I have enough of a description of him to form my very own mental  image.  Rico was always a handsome boy in my mind.

Born on July 09, 2016 to Gladys, his mama, Rico was one of seven little ones and he managed to become a permanent resident of our yard.  Everyone spoils him with lots of attention and gives him food second to none.  His favorite guy is Sanchez who we refer to as his dad.

This is our Rico!

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