Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Somewhere over the rainbow

It is not very often that anyone has the good fortune and privilege to see a rainbow in the sky but I can tell you that when I had my sight, I was one of those persons.

I am not sure how many rainbows I got to see before I lost my sight but how well I do remember a rainbow in the sky. There it was, just literally lying there in the sky. So very colorful, so very peaceful, and one of the prettiest things to behold!

On almost every occasion I would be sitting in a chair outside and on my own and then I would happen to look skyward and voila! There was my pretty rainbow just lazily looking down at me!

Some of the time I would sit there just staring upwards and then if I felt like it I would call to others to come and see but for the most part I would prefer to enjoy my rainbow by myself.

The other day my mom spotted one in the sky while we were sitting outdoors on her patio and she proceeded to describe it to me. My memory began to wander back to those other days when I was able to see it for myself.

The rainbow had not changed; it was still its loveliest self. Colorful, large, and simply lying there in the sky on a peaceful late evening.

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