Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My beloved almond tree

When I had enough vision to do it, I took a picture of my beloved almond tree and what a picture it was! I had leaned through the window of
my mom's living room and with the utmost of care and purpose I took this photo in 2003 with my old fashioned camera. Then I developed the photo at a photo store and carefully placed it in my photo album.

This photo is still in my photo album but I can no longer see it. However, it does not prevent me from remembering it in the finest of detail. My beloved almond tree was in full bloom at that time. So green and so lush. Her branches loaded with such beautiful leaves and there were so many branches. Too many for me to count.

My beloved almond tree was tall and stately. Huge and spread right out for everyone to admire her beauty. I am told that she is still a very beautiful tree to behold, and why not? She is the crowning beauty of mom's yard. She plays host to so many beautiful singing birds and she is the place where so many go to sit under the shade of her branches on a warm day.

My beloved almond tree is the pride and joy of so many! She is ageless; we estimate that she is well over 50 years old but we are not quite sure exactly how old she is. She sheds her leaves twice yearly and it does not take very long for her to regain new lush leaves. She is also loaded with fat juicy almonds that fall heavily to the ground when they are ripe.

Ah, yes! That's my beautiful almond tree!

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