Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Meditations from my rocking chair

Ah yes, for a breath of fresh air and just that simple precious moment to sit in my rocking chair and meditate. This is probably one of the few times that I get to sit and allow my imagination to wonder and ponder.

I am not going to wonder what it could or would have been like if my vision had not left me and I do my best to stay away from the big what if question. Instead, I allow my imagination to wonder far afield and to fetch those precious and cherished memories. So many for me to choose from and I never tire of retrieving them and examining them whenever I can.

I will tell you that having become an audio mystery writer has helped me to preserve my memories. I just love to sit in my rocking chair and meditate on stories for my audio mysteries. I started writing in 2010 and to date I have written three seasons of episodes consisting of 13 mysteries per season. I am presently writing a special suite of mysteries for Christmas time and I have titled it the 12 days of Christmas. I plan to write a special box set for kids as well.

Ah yes! I do all of my meditating from my rocking chair and that's the way I like it! Just those precious times when I can sit quietly, relax, and meditate!

I'm Donna J. Jodhan, your friendly accessibility advocate, wishing you a terrific day.

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This is a personal message from author Donna Jodhan
"Each time we raise our voice at someone else we are engaging in bullying! Each time we raise our hands to slap or punch someone else we are also engaging in bullying and each time we engage in actions to either manipulate or force someone else to do what we want we are also engaging in bullying!

There is no room in this world for bullying and each day we fail to take action against bullying it is another day that we allow others to bully us and our kids. Our heroes and role models are the ones who have made us proud, those brave young men and women who gave their lives for us in past wars and those who continue to do so. They are not the ones who choose to be racists and those who believe that their bad behaviour in public is acceptable.

I write and record audio mysteries that are being used at such events as murder mystery evenings as well as at public awareness and team building events. I promote understanding, tolerance, and problem solving and my audio mysteries continue to be broadcasted around the world and you can listen to them anywhere! On the plane or train! In the car or right there in your home! On your i device or computer!

Please join my campaign against bullying (CAB) by supporting my efforts to keep on writing and recording!
If you truly care then you will certainly dare!"

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