Wednesday, April 24, 2013

She was my attentive listener

She never asked for anything. All she ever wanted was to sneak into the living room on her chosen afternoons to listen to me practice my piano lessons. Most of the time, she probably laid there and slept, snoring lightly at times. Nevertheless, I always enjoyed having her as my devoted audience.

She never complained whenever I played a bad note nor did she cheer whenever I played things correctly. Sometimes I could hear her coming, her feet pitter-pattering softly into the living room. Sometimes I did not even know that she was there as she somehow managed to sneak in. I would only discover her presence when I either heard her snoring lightly or I could smell her close by.

Yes, that was my dog, Yella! A fat golden Lab with a somewhat quiet disposition. She was not the most sociable of dogs but she was loyal to the end. She played on her terms. She dictated how things were to be and she showed me who the boss was. She, however, seemed to have a soft spot for me as she always seemed to move out of my way whenever she saw me coming. She knew that I was blind.

Yes, that was my Yella, my most attentive listener!

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